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Why is my chromebook not working #2?

Before my chromebook stopped working, It would sometimes just randomly go on a black screen and if you tapped it gently it would go out but then one day it just went on the black screen and you couldn’t use it. No matter what you can’t see anything on the screen, it’s just pure black and we can still see a bit of light coming out of it but everything is black and you can’t do anything on it. Also when we charge the chromebook, the battery color is red. I hope someone can help.

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ok so what happened is you are having a backlight issue with the lcd, your backlight has gone out so you will need to get the screen replaced. but before you go to that have you damaged it at all?

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The screen is broken a bit.


so yeah your backlight got damaged and thats why its not working

you will have to get your screen replaced


how much would it be to fix it?


depends, on the year, if its touch screen, and model, and as well how much the repair shop would charge you


if its touchscreen it will be more expensive


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