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Laptop won't turn on after RAM upgrade


I have Acer Aspire One D257 with Windows 7 installed. Everything worked absolutely fine. I wanted to upgrade the RAM so I changed the 1GB DDR3 Stick to 4GB DDR3 Stick. Now, after I click the power switch I can hear the fan spinning but there is no display on internal or external monitor and I hear no sound. Only sound is a strong beep that happens when I unplug or plug in the power cord.

What have I done wrong? What should I do? Did I do something to the motherboard? When si was changing RAM I had to complettly disassemble the laptop, including motherboard.

Thank you very much for help.

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Hi @kingofcats2015 ,

You may be out of luck.

According to what I can find out the CPU only supports a maximum 2GB of ram.

If the CPU in the laptop is an Intel Atom N570, here are the specifications. Scroll down to Memory Specifications.

This supplier of ram for the laptop also shows that 2GB is the maximum supported.

You may have to settle for just having 2GB of ram.

You shouldn’t have to remove the motherboard to replace the ram.

Here’s the ifixit Acer Aspire One D257 Ram-Speicher Austausch guide that shows how to do it

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so that should mean the N270 has only 10 addresslines ?



It may not only be the CPU that is the problem.

It could also be the BIOS that limits the amount of ram that is supported.

In the BIOS firmware is a Memory Reference Code (MRC) that the motherboard developers can alter to suit what they want the motherboard to handle.


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