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Green light on air pods not turning on

When I open the lid to to AirPods the light on the front should turn green and connect instantly but mine don’t and I know that they are charged cause it says it on my phone.?

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Are there any other lights? Or just the green one isn’t working?


Are you attempting to charge wirelessly?


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Hello there Since I am using the site for the first time, I don't know exactly where to write and I don't know much English. I'm starting to speak with google translation. Anyway, let me come to my question, my airpods light does not turn on, but when I plug it to full charge, the light turns on, but when I take it out, it does not light at all after a while and so I can't use it, please help. nobody did it please help please

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go to settings then bluetooth then click on airpods to connect

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