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A broken piece of plastic

My loved 15 yours old Bodum Espresso GRANOS 3020 broke the other day.

I nailed down to the plastic-pice as illustrated on the uploaded two pictures (red arrow). The thing that broke was like a clip-holder which broke off for the water tube.

Any suggestion on either how to find a replacement of the plastic-thing or how keep the tube in place in some way. Ive allready tried with a steelwire but the tube pops out when brewing due to the high pressure.

The clip-on is still ok on the right side, but as illustrated with red arrow, it has broken off on the left side:

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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Since your device is pretty old, I think it will be hard to find a replacement part.


I would recommend you to look for a makers-space in your area and ask if they have a 3D-printer (a machine that extrudes plastic to build custom parts). These places are usually happy to help others out, so you can ask if they can make a design/3D-scan of the broken part and print you a new one.

I don’t know how it works now during Corona, if you can’t find one that is open you may be able to find someone else that can design it for you and then order it from a 3D-printing service online instead.

Hope this helped and good luck whit your repair! :D

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