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Le OnePlus 6T est un smartphone Android fabriqué par OnePlus. Il a été annoncé le 29 octobre 2018 et est disponible depuis le 6 novembre 2018.

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The guides are missing the part where you put back the back cover

  • Do you have to buy an adhesive?
  • Do you have to apply fresh silicon ?
  • Do the new back covers come with pre-applied adhesive or silicon ?
  • Does the existing material of the old back cover glue back if heated ?


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Typically you peel off the old adhesive and replace it with new stuff. Don’t use silicone, use something like Tesa black tape. Some parts suppliers will sell precut adhesive for most devices. Some suppliers will also sell back covers with new adhesive either already attached or you need to apply it. In some cases, if you cut through the adhesive clean enough you can reuse it. Just put the back cover back on, use some heat from a heat gun or hair dryer, and then either clamp it down for about 20 minutes or put some heavy books on it.

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