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Repair information for the Sony Xperia X smartphone, announced in February 2016 and released in May 2016. This phone is part of the Xperia X series of phones by Sony.

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Waterdamaged - Device Turns Off After Sony and Boot Logo

Sony Xperia 1 .

I dropped the device yesterday and the whole thing got submerged for about 5 seconds or so before I took it out. The back was already cracked so it would not of been ‘water-resistant’ or ‘water-proof’ as Sony market their phones as.

1) I have tried to use Sony’s Software Repair to no success (Assumed it was firmware related)

2) I have disassembled the device and all appears to be dry now.

The screen works perfectly fine on startup. It just shows a white screen for about 1 second with three dots in the middle then shuts off.

Is it worth me ordering parts? And if so, which ones?

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Bumping this thread.

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