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Samsung Galaxy A70 not properly charging after screen replacement


I recently changed a Samsung Galaxy A70 (model unknown on iFixit) screen. After my repair, the phone wasn’t properly charging (the cable was not detected every time, you had to press on the screen in order to charge, etc…).

I’ve noticed two pads under the charge board and I am wondering if the charge wouldn’t be affected by them ? Some screens are sold with these pads while they are missing on others.

Did someone already noticed a charging problem on this phone after opening it ?

Thanks a lot for your help

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have you tried a new charge port?


Yes, after replacing the screen, the client called me back for this issue, I then replaced the charge port and thought it was working, but after a few days, the phone didn’t charge anymore


Hey matthieuv, I have the exact same problem with the a71, did you resolve your charging issue? If so, how?? I need help too lol


Hey, I still haven’t fix it, not sure if the client will let me see the phone again at this point :/


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In the end, after re-opening the phone and reconnecting the main cable (and replacing the pads), the phone works again. Not really sure what fixed it but at least it works :)

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A71 and a 70 different and have China version believe

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