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Battery PCB Solder Pads Missing

Hi all, I hope someone can help.

I need to run jumpers from the missing solder pads for the battery connection but I’m unsure to what points.

Can someone with knowledge please advise?

Images below from microscope.

Help is greatly appreciated.

Block Image

Block Image

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Hate to ressurect an old one, but I have the opposite problem. I have those 2 pads in tact, but the one he has intact I have missing. Is there a test point for that one?


@tyler.moran.iphotoshop I'm sure there is a place to run a jumper. The picture from the original post is harder to make out for the other pad because there is glare or notation in the areas where traces run around that pad. Typically you can just read the board, look where traces from that pad seem to go and/or check for continuity between points. I might consider posting a separate question so you can upload your own pictures.


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Harry Nicholson  little hard to see but it appears as if you can solder jumpers to the traces from the missing pads. Remove the solder mask carefully with a scalpel etc. so as to not cause any further damage

Block Image

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Hey, thanks so much for the prompt reply!

The traces are very small even for micro soldering but I will do my best to hook up to these.

May I ask how you worked out the lines that go to the circle pad as it has multiple lines that run off it, thus I was unsure?

The green ones make total sense.

Also, do you recommend a tool to scrape these very small lines down to copper?

I have another board with the same issue that's faulty and tried on this first but scraped some of the copper out also, don't want to do this again.

Kind Regards, Harry


take a look on your original image. You can see where the solder mask is running to the test point. I just converted the picture to a black and white and increased contrast etc. to make it more visible for myself. I then outlined the trace in red for you :-) follow the green arrowed trace and see where it terminates. You may have a large surface to solder there. I seriously use a scalpel under a microscope to scrape the copper free. Not always easy since I am actually getting older and shakier and even with a microscope hand-eye coordination is starting to go for a crap :-)


Got it! Again thanks for the great answer, I will update when I get it working with some images. :)


Hello I had the same problem and got to make my ipod work using the test contact marked in red. Thank you!


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