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Internal memory iPhone 7 swap

Dear Community,

Is it possible to extract the Internal memory of an IPhone 7 (256Gb) and insert/use it in a newer iPhone like the 11 or 12?

Thank you.

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No. You can’t even swap chips on the same model without losing all the data and having to reprogram the serial number.

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Thanks Tom. The current information inside the internal memory is not an issue. I just want to have more space in my new phone, which is 64 Gb only…. would be possible to do it if so? Can I ask it to apple itself? I live in dubai and I would like to pay for the service…

Thank you!



No you can't, I believe you would need to swap the CPU and EEProm


@alberto1981 Well, you can definetly upgrade the NAND of your current device from 64gb to 512gb or whatever you like depending on the device and the availability of the NAND chip.

You will also need to re-program the new NAND before installing it in your phone and for that you will need a NAND re-programmer and some micro soldering skills, If not you can always find a micro soldering repair store and they can perform this upgrade for you.

I recently upgraded an iPhone X from 64 to 25gb and it till date works fine! So yeah


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Nand chip not supported

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