I can hear voices through headset but they can't hear me.

Three weeks ago, during gameplay my wife’s mic stopped being detected. Nothing was bumped or dropped, it just stopped. I she uses voice overlay and it was obvious that the mic was not being picked up. she could still hear others in her headset, but they could not hear her. I made sure It was unmuted, I confirmed firmware was up to date, updated the firmware anyway, I tried other headsets, I replaced the batteries, I plugged the controller in, I tried rechargeable batteries but still nothing. When I connected and tested other controllers, they worked fine with the headset. I ordered a pack of two replacement 3.5mm jacks and tried both but the controller still failed to detect my mic. I bent the connecters higher to ensure strong contact against the connection terminals, no luck. After all this I assumed her controller failed in the board somehow and gave up.


Two days ago, THE EXACT SAME THING happened to my elite controller that was originally purchased at a different time in a different color, this controller was used on a different xbox with a different gamertag, with a different headset brand. The exact same problem happened randomly. I tried all the steps listed above. Has anyone heard of this? I am now thinking these controllers just fail after a while. My controller is about two years old and hers is about one and a half. Should I replace the boards? Do you know which board it would be? I really don’t want to buy new controllers, but I also don’t want to waste time and money on repairs that don’t work.

Thank you for any help or input!

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