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Second generation of Wi-Fi iPad, released on March 11, 2011. Model number A1395. Repair is difficult and will require heat.

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Why is my iPad 2 WiFi stuck in a boot loop

I have an iPad 2 WiFi suck in a boot loop… I think. It won’t boot and will stay on the Apple logo for a bit and then turn off. Battery holds charge.

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If it's stuck in a boot loop how can you tell if the battery holds charge? Could very much be the battery since this device is old


I was hoping no one asked

I first tried booting it after about a year and, to my surprise, the Apple logo appears. It was not charged during that year. I realize now that I may be wrong about the battery.


Leave it on charge for a few hours. Let it do its thing and boot loop, there's a chance it will boot. More likely a new battery is needed tho


Ok I will do that. I will update later


It didn’t work, but it’s not exactly a boot loop. It tries to boot, the Apple logo, then shuts off after trying for a few minutes.


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hello Tsar,

yes, that what you have got, we call a boot loop, because loop is never ending. One or few components have a short in their circuit so it makes a signal reset to zero. The important thing is that the fault is not in the main rails because the battery is not running out of power. That can be accessory like cam, antenna set or internal problem in a mainboard. Opening of device is nesesery, couple of tools and knowledge. If you haven’w it, use a repair shop. Opening iPad by less experienced people often leads to irreparable damage. A repair of that should by not be longer like 45-60 minutes.

  • regards,

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So what do I need to do t o fix it


I wrote to you above. If you skilled in electronics, have got DC-power supply (max 3-5A), microscope and soldering station... you can start with repair. Firstly, take the screen off. If you don't have the tools (cost> repair) and you've never repaired iPad, you can't do it yourself. It is too complicated and too much depends on a certain hand.


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