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Annoncé en mars 2015, puis commercialisé le 10 avril 2015, le Galaxy S6 est le prochain flagship de la série Galaxy. La version avec un écran incurvé est connue en tant que Galaxy S6 Edge.

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replaced battery now only get white led light

hi all, a few days ago my S6 completely died - I had left it charging (i think it ran out of battery completely so was charging whilst off). I think it got to about 80% full (as I remember seeing the image of a battery with plenty of green in it), but next thing I knew, no matter what I tried, it wouldn’t turn on. I could not get a reaction at all.

A couple of old threads I found said it could be battery, so as mine runs out really quickly anyway and this looked like quite a cheap and easy replacement i gave it a go.

Now the phone still doesn;t turn on, but I do get light at least - the white led at the top has been on for about an hour now since installing the new battery and trying to turn it on. I’ve tried charging for 30 mins, and now tried all the button pressing combinations but getting no response.

once lockdown is finished here (early dec) I may have to take it to be repaired , if salvageable! (can I take to any phone repair place or has to be samsung btw?)

thanks in advance for any suggestions of anything I can try….

update - it’s about 4-5 hours later and the light has gone off! Sadly i’ve tried all the button pressing combinations again and nothing happens… phone a full charge now before trying again….

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Any updates? I’m having the same issue.


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How to Soft & Hard Reset Galaxy S6

By Mitch Bartlett 45 Comments

There may come a time when you will need to reset your Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone. Here’s how both a soft and hard reset are done on the device.

Soft Reset

If your Galaxy S6 has become frozen and will not respond to anything, try a soft reset. A soft reset will restart the device and will not erase any data.

  • Press and hold the “Power” and “Volume Down” buttons for about 10 seconds until the device powers off.

Hard Reset

If you’re having continuous technical troubles with your Galaxy S6 where it will not start, freezes constantly, or malfunctions, you may want to try a hard reset. A hard reset will erase all data from the memory of the device and set it back to factory defaults.

Option 1 – From Startup

  1. With the Galaxy S6 powered completely off, press and hold “Volume Up” + “Home” + “Power” buttons simultaneously.
  2. When the Samsung logo appears, release the “Power” button, but continue to hold “Volume Up” and “Home“.
  3. When the “Android system recovery” screen appears, release all buttons.
  4. Use the “Volume Down” button to toggle the selection to “wipe data/factory reset“, then press “Power” to choose that selection.
  5. Use the “Volume Down” button to toggle the selection to “Yes — delete all user data“, then press “Power” to choose that selection.
  6. Wait for the reset to finish. You will eventually be prompted to “Reboot system now“. Press “Power” to choose that selection.

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Sadly this didn't work. I see the Samsung logo for a couple of seconds before it turns off and back on again. Just looping again and again


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