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No service + Bad WiFi reception

Hi all!

I’ve recently bought an iPhone 6s 64GB secondhand, wich would have faulty GPS. No problem, I was going to use it as a second phone just to receive calls and play some music.

However, after inserting my new SIM card I only get: “No Service” The iPhone detects the SIM card just fine, and all software troubleshooting (Reboot, flightmode on/off, complete reset, etc) didn’t work. SIM is brand new and works great in other phones.

WiFi does work, but it’s reception is very limited (Only my own router when I’m really close to it).

After searching online, I don’t think my Baseband chip is at fault; *#06# displays my IMEI just fine. People recommended that I swap out the dock connector board (with antenna). And I did.

Unfortunatly that didn’t improve things. Things stayed exactly the same.

Is it wise to replace the other antenna (that is placed by the seaker) as well? Or my GPS module? Is there anything I can do to rule something out?

ps. The iPhone was never opened, nor where there any liquid indicators tripped

pps. I’m sorry for any errors, English isn’t my first language

Many thanks!

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network issue related to hardware in ur case 1st check if charging flex is OEM then change it, if it's original then its related to WTR ic

For WiFi poor reception there is a FL near WiFi ic remove it and make jumper if not solved then u hv to change WiFi ic

I hv solved many issues related network and WiFi.

Go to any professional repair store for the same

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Thank you! I've decided to get a newer, refurbished one with warranty because I lack the tools and skills to fix this.

Many thanks!


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