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Replacement screen galaxy a70

Hi Everyony,

I’m looking for a decent replacement screen for my galaxy a70.

Anyone who can recommend a decent supplier?


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I need a decent repair for my galaxy a70 screen replacement


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You can order one from Mobile Sentrix but be aware that there has been a recent software update that disables the finger print scanner when you change the screen that effects the A50 and A70 models, even if you transfer the original scanner over. There’s a proprietary calibration tool but it’s not publicly available. It’s only available to certain “certified” repair shops that Samsung approved.

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Thanks for the help. It seems like the site won't ship to Europe. Any other options?


I try to order from Mobile Sentrix but it require to have a company, is there any other way?


interesting. I thought you didn't need a business to order one from there. Maybe try injured gadgets?


@ignace.pyl Google Gultek. Genuine Samsung screens.


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i want an OLED screen. I found on the Mobile Sentrix but to buy from them i have to own a Business. And on the the is only LCD Screen. Is there any other site?


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