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The DuraForce PRO is a Verizon rugged smartphone released in October 2016, that is built to be water/dustproof and screen shatterproof. This phone also has a removable battery (note that removal of battery will void the warranty) and many other parts. Model numbers: E6810.

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Will not charge with any charger

It is saying charger won't work with this device no matter what charger we use including the original one, usb wall outlets. Tried a force reset did not work. Red light is on with charger in and has a black screen with battery icon not showing green or any “voltage” moving up as it would be charging and it says low battery.

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This is a common problem with these phones. I have had and used several of these same models and the charge port just sometimes fails. The wireless charging still worked on the phones I have had the issue with. The good news is that it is very easy to replace the charge port on thses phones. I like this model because of it’s reather modular construction. A while back I posted here on this topic. You can usually find thes same models on eBay cheap, with cracked screens or locked or with other problems and salvage the charge port from them.

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