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The HP Envy is a computer for your everyday needs for work or school.This page includes repair guides and trouble shooting tips.

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Keyboard and touch pad not working

I replaced the screen and hinges on this laptop model and once I started it back up, the keyboard and touchpad did not work. Both works if I go into the bios, but despite diagnostic tests, it still does not work. I read about Windows updates and keyboard not functioning. Drivers appear to be updated. Followed all checks through HP. I did test of keyboard and 1 key did not work (prnt scrn key). Will replacing the keyboard (HP Part # 807526-001) resolve this problem? Laptop keyboard worked fine before changing out the screen/hinges. I can also use USB keyboard, and touchscreen works. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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If the keyboard works fine in the BIOS settings screen then the problem is a Windows driver so . . .

go to Device Manager and uninstall the keyboard and reboot.

Now something you said is not clear.

“Both works if I go into the BIOS, but despite diagnostic tests, it still does not work.”

You are saying it works and it does not work. Diagnostic tests don’t fix anything they just alert you to problems.

So did the keyboard pass the diagnostic test? If yes then it is a driver issue.

Here is the link to the HP Maintenance and Service Guide:

What changes if you press the <Num Lock> key?

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Hello, I was having the same issue, yet no matter how many times I try to uninstall the device, it doesn't work. However, I did get it to work for the trackpad but after about 5 minutes the trackpad stopped working. The keyboard does work in BIOS


run bios driver but do not update your laptop. if update step visible while installation then your touchpad & keyboard working and then cancel the bios driver setup. every time you doing same process please try its working. driver link is here :-


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This was fixed by updating the BIOS in the optional Windows updates. Please ensure the machine is plugged-in for charging all the time.

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