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The 2005 version of Volkswagen Beetle is the upgraded version of the 1998 edition, which obviously came with a large number of improvements and advanced features.

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Integrated Circuit Help for Radio Head Unit

Hey Everyone,

I need some help with an integrated circuit for my 2008 Beetle. This is for the radio head unit. A cluster of buttons on the radio console do not work (most frustratingly the disc eject). I believe I have traced the problem to the circuit with the buttons (you can see the non-functioning buttons surrounding the volume dial). The red circle represents the missing element and the blue circle represents what I believe to be the element that is missing.

Block Image

As you can tell from that last sentence I am a little outside my league on this. Here are my questions:

  • What is the black piece inside the blue circle?
  • Is it what is missing from the red circle?
  • Where /How do I buy a new one?
  • Can you give me any information that would help me?

Thanks Everyone!

Update (12/06/2020)

Thank you @oldturkey03 !!

I measured the diode/transistor, the dimension of the ‘box’ are 2.88mm x 1.55mm (A&B from link).

Block Image

Block Image

I measured the G&L of the missing diode/transistors. It appears the G is 1.3 and the L is 0.65 so I believe it would be SOT323.

  • What are my next steps?
  • Do the dimensions indicate it is a transistor or diode? I am uncertain.
  • Will purchasing one and soldering it on solve my problem?
  • Where can I purchase a replacement unit?

Thank you for your help!! It is much appreciated!

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You can get the signal diodes and transistors at places at places like etc.

Since schematic etc. are not readily available we'll have to guess a bit. Of course there are no guarantees with any of this which is all the more reasons why schematics should be made readily available to the end user.

Look for MMBD 1405 diodes and 2SC5007-FB transistor. You can download teh datasheet for the transistor on here

and for the Diode right here

I am still thinking that by the circuit I'd go for the diode. Buy a couple of each and replace the missing part. I'd go with the Diode first and see what happens.


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@adamschwarz those look like Diodes. Bad thing is that there are transistors that look identical so if possible post a close up of one of those and possibly measure length and width. That way we can hopefully identify the value and package size. If it is a SOT-23 3L package than the diode should be a MMBD 1405 This is based on the marking “34” which according to my database is only used for a few components.

Block Image

Check the package size and measure the component. Then check the dimensions listed on here. Let us know what you find. Looking at where the component is located my prime suspect is a diode.

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So I tried this back in January, just getting back to following up. Unfortunately it did not work. I'm starting to think there may be other issues with the chip or assembly other than this one missing diode. Unfortunately I lack the technical knowledge to assess what is wrong with it and its not really cost effective to have it diagnosed by a professional. At the moment I don't have the time to dive into it deeper but perhaps later this year when my other commitments wound up.

I really appreciate the assistance that you provided as I learned a lot about basic circuit board structures and soldering parts together. I just thought I would report back incase someone else has a similar issue and is looking to pick up where I left off.


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