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Intermittent Calls Microphone Issue which mic replace?


When I make calls with my Iphone XS, my listener does not receive my voice each time. Most of the time when I keep silent when my listener is talking and want to answer, he cannot receive me but I hear my voice in the ear speaker. No problem with the apple voice recording app or a WhatsApp call.

When I record a video, the sound seems well in stereo.

I Already tried a restore without sucess

An apple official seller did a diagnostic and told me that the right microphone is dead and that I need to change the phone 500€ Blah blah blah.

My question is the following:

What is the part I need to change:

  1. The loud speaker that may include a microphone.
  3. OR
  4. The Flex câble including a mic.

Thank you experts for your answers.

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If this issue only happens with a certain person, then it might be their phone. But if this is happening with every person you call, I would start with the flex cable or lightning port as that typically has the mic for audio calls. Whatsapp and voice recording uses a different mic if I’m not mistaken.

Just make sure you use an OEM lightning port. The X and above do not like aftermarket ports and it will lead to a boot looping issue.

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