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The Pontiac Grand Am is a mid-size size (and later compact) car produced by Pontiac. The 1999-2005 generation is the final generation of the Pontiac Grand Am.

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How do I prime the engine

How do I prime the engine on a 2004 pontiac grand am se sedan

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Christy Dillingham you really should not have to prime the engine for anything. Let us know the exact engine size and what the issue are with it.


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You don't need to prime the engine. If you turn the key to on position it turns on the fuel pump and primes the lines. You need to borrow/rent a fuel pressure gauge from a auto parts store like autozone, o'Reilly, etc. It should have a fuel pressure test port on the fuel line. If you turn the key on it will send power to the fuel pump for 2 seconds. When you crank the engine over it will send power to the fuel pump as soon as it detects oil pressure. You can look up the fuel pressure on the internet. You also need to verify that you have spark. I would also recommend checking for trouble codes, you can get a code reader at one of the auto parts stores. You can borrow them with a deposit. I can give you more information if you tell me what engine you have in the vehicle and the symptoms. And if you can give me the trouble codes and see if it has spark and fuel pressure.

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