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Altec Lansing, Inc. is an American audio electronics company that primarily produces loudspeakers and associated audio electronics for professional, home, automotive, and multimedia applications.

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Why is my speaker not connecting?

I recently had a friend use my Altec lancing inmotion im600 ipod speaker. Looks like he plugged it directly into mains socket and something went wrong. Now the power button is constantly blinking and cant use the speaker. Please help

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@bryscar plugged what in where? What do you consider the " mains socket"?


@oldturkey03 using a different plug, connected the device to a 220v socket outlet.


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@bryscar in that case you will definitely have to tear it down. Overvoltage usually leaves its damage on the power board. As for which parts will have failed, we would have to see what that all looks like so post some pictures of your boards with your QUESTION. Ajout d'images à une question existante

Most likely it is the power board that will have the most damage on it.

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