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Sorti en juin 2006, le Dell Inspiron 530 est le premier modèle de la série des Inspiron.

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will this ssd be suitable for these 2 machines? and what sata cable?

hi there, so as ive posted before I am upgrading a dell inspiron 530 and I will be putting an ssd into it so I can boot it from Linux as theres no way im paying 80 quid on a piece of new windows software that’s potentially worth more than the machine its on also ive had bad experiences with windows 10 anyway, so what I need to know is, will this ssd be compatible with a dell inspiron 530? :

(I cant link to that for whatever reason so please copy and paste)

I see that there are apparent differences between sata 1, 2 and 3? and that my pc may not be compatible with sata 3 because of its age? if that is the case could any of you link me to another more suitable ssd on amazon instead? it has to be amazon as I have £9 gift card credit on it which I would like to use up, could you also direct me towards the correct sata cable to use with the dell too? I am looking for the best possible ssd and cable I can install on that machine but still somewhat cheap and it seems that kingstons are the most reliable as far as I can tell?

as mentioned in the description, I also plan to install an ssd on my hp pavilion g6 2365 ea laptop and rip out the hard drive as a final solution IF nothing else works (the problems im having with it at the moment have also been mentioned on this forum) so would the above mentioned ssd work with that laptop or is it not sata 3 compatible either?

answers greatly appreciated

thank you

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It doesnt matter what ssd you use, no matter what speeds it supports. If it supports sata2, and you have a sata3 ssd, itll work, just not at gen3 speeds. If you have a gen 2 ssd, and your pc supports gen 3, you will get gen 2 speeds.

As for the sata cable, just get any ol’ sata cable similar to these, as long as you have a spare sata power cable as well. These are just data cables. I wouldn’t go with the cheapest ones, though.

Cable Matters 3-Pack 90 Degree Right Angle SATA III 6.0 Gbps SATA Cable (SATA 3 Cable) Black - 18 Inches

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So I should just go ahead and get that ssd for the dell computer then? And it will definitely work once I get a sata cable for it? And if I buy another it will definitely work for the laptop as well?


Also would you recommend that particular model? Are Kingston’s reliable? Is it a great choice?


@weemawn Look at the specs from the manufacture to be safe. for SATA II. Look at the warranty. Is it 2, 3 or 5 years? No brand is faultless as many different models exist so go by the warranty. But generally now, as opposed to when they first came out, most SSD's are O.K. The choice is yours

Curious about your problems with Windows 10 but you don't say what. And then again the system is fairly old. I have Windows 10 running on a 15 year old DELL laptop. It is not fast but it does work.


@weemawn Yes, kingston is a good brand. I have used their flash drives, and ssd’s in my laptop


As long as both are sata, yes, they will work for both your desktop and laptop


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