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The HP Pavilion dv9000 series was introduced in 2006.

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Disk drive is not working

I put a disk into my disk drive and it isnt reading it. I had the same problem a couple months ago after i deleted a bunch of pics and stuff off of my computer. I recently tried to download a software that lets me burn cds and dvds, but it couldnt download because " the pc did not find a disk drive.

Please help.

Aslo my computer screen is truring red whenever it is moved. i also have a red line down the middle of it. what can it be from?

thanks for the help..

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As for your disk drive, check to see if it does show up in the BIOS and/or the disk manager. If it is not recognized in the BIOS I would try to uninstall it and check the contacts and pins make sure they are all straight, no corrosion etc. If they check out, you may be looking for a new drive. If your laptop changes color when you move it, I would suspect a loose, broken cable or loose inverter connection. You may have to replace the cable, also cheaper than anything else to try. Hope this helps. The maintenance and service manual is available right here.

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