Frozen Kindle display, alternative solutions?


since about one year ago my Kindle 4th gen doesn't turn on and it remains stuck on a book page.

I tried to (without any success, in all the cases the screen remains frozen, without showing the battery icon):

-reboot it by holding the power button for 15 to 40 secs

-do the previous step, after charging it

-do the first step while it is charging and the orange light disappears after about 5 secs and it turns on when I leave the power button

-replace the battery since when I am charging it, the orange led is on, until when it turns off without changing to green. This is why I thought my issue was related to the battery.

-plug it to the computer but it isn't detected

Do you have any suggestions? I thought to try to access it by computer but I don't know how to do it.

Amazon's assistance can't help me.

Thanks in advance!

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