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La deuxième génération des célèbres écouteurs sans fil d'Apple, sortie en mars 2019.

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Can I fix these airpods?

My dog just bit my left airpod (crying). It’s now producing low quality sound and with low volume below 180 Hz, above this range it works perfect. I think it could be something to do with the airflow for bass. Do you think could fix or improve this somehow? Besides the hardware fix I was thinking if there is any app that prevents only the left airpod from playing frequencies lower than 180Hz, this would greatly help me. The airpods are not covered by warranty anymore.

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Your dog has probably pierced essential components in the AirPod, it may be very difficult to fix as AirPods are nearly impossible to fix.

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That’s true you should buy a replacement from eBay which have gotten cheaper.


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Technically, you most probably can. In reality, no-one bothers. The cost and the complexity makes it both more cost and time efficient to replace

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