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Front facing camera ribbon broken

Hi there , how are you? So basically yesterday, I dropped my phone on flat wood. It dropped really hard , but nothing happened to the phone except for it for turning off every couple of minutes. I was able to fix that by unclipping & then clipping the battery connector back in. But while I was doing that I mistakenly ripped the main connector of the front facing camera. Please is there a solution to connect it back maybe?

Thank you

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1 solution

Is the cable/connector itself torn or is the connector popped out? If the cable is torn it's probably best to replace the whole camera and sensor assembly. Parts currently cost $27.49 USD directly from iFixit.

If the connector popped out you can reconnect it by pressing it in "one end at a time". Trying to press it into the socket all at once may bend the connector. Steps 15 and 17 of the front camera repair guide talk about this issue.

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