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L'Oculus Quest est le premier casque de réalité virtuelle autonome qui prend en charge le suivi 6DOF avec des caméras situées sur le casque lui-même. Le casque Oculus Quest est sorti en mai 2019 dans des modèles de 64 et 128 Go.

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Vertical lines on left of left display, out of warranty

Hello all. I made the investment in a VR headset the moment the quest was released, the $400 price point made it possible for me to bite the bullet, that was 18 months ago… I haven’t dropped or bumped my headset, I’m an older guy and the only user in my living room.

I recently got a vertical green line. Just days later I got 2 additional lines that are white and inverted. I am out of warranty at this point. The Quest 2 has improved resolution and features and reduces screen door so I have zero problem spending $300 on a Quest 2 to replace this…

But do any of you know of a fix for this? Are there display replacements that can be bought somewhere? Are you aware of replacement instructions? I am planning at a minimum to open this unit up and mess with the ribbon cables to see if the problem lies there.

Here is a video of the defect, please reply if the video link doesn’t work:

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Your best bet currently since there's not many aftermarket parts for the headset quite yet is to get it replaced. You could probably buy another defective headset from a used market site like eBay to take the display assembly out of the defective headset and swap it into your faulty headset to solve this issue. But if you don't wish to take the time and strip your whole headset down to take out the Display assembly to get the problem resolved, I can respect that.

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