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Informations sur la réparation et le démontage du smartphone Android phare S20+ de Samsung, sorti en mars 2020.

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I want to change the charging port, can you use different models port?

My phone is not fast charging, so i am thinking of changing the charge port, problem is i am in UK and i bought my phone from Taiwan. can i buy the Europe/UK version of the charging port to replace the one on my Taiwan S20+?

Also do you have to replace the glue? if so what kind of glue should i get?

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Are you sure you didn’t disable fast charging? Also try cleaning the port with a toothbrush and some isopropyl alcohol. If you can give us the exact model number we may be of better assistance. While Samsung may have about 5 different model numbers per phone, they’ll share some of the same parts so you want to make sure that the parts you’re using are compatible.

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Yeah,i am sure the option is turned on, infact it was fast charging till few weeks ago, i also tried cleaning it with alcohol.

One weird thing i noticed is that with the official cable, it only charge the phone on one side, but if you flip the usbc cable, it doesnt charge. this happen with two of my official Samsung cable, and both time, it only charge if the metal bit with the joint line face upward, but i also have cable that charge both way so i have no idea what is happening.

My phone is Samsung S20+ 5G, SM-G9860



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You will need to purchase the correct charging board for the model phone you have, not where you use it at. There are 3 different versions. look at your model number and select the correct board.

Although the charging board may not be the issue, there is the flex cables that run to the mother board as well as the wireless charging parts/circuit. Try a different charger first, make sure it’s an oem samsung one, a lot of aftermarket chargers that don’t supply the correct voltage will not let some devices fast charge, or charge at all.

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Sion12 C Hey bud,

Assuming you got the device and there was no prior damage to it I would consider booting it up in safe mode as well to see if it could be a software bug/hiccup that’s causing it. I’ve seen that happen a few times with a couple of different S20 line models. If it still does the same thing in safe mode and you verified that it is not being caused by the OS or other software then I would recommend what the previous post says to do.

Given if it’s not software it sounds like the cause would be a mismatched charging module. Definitely make sure to get one that matches the model number on the device. Also as Tyler said below it wouldn't hurt to order new flex cables as well as a new wireless charging circuit too. Another thing to consider would be to re-seat any of the internal connectors and make sure everything internally has a nice solid connection too.

As for glue, if you are referring to the back adhesive that comes on the back glass I would say order a new set of adhesive strips. Many vendors that carry OEM Samsung back glass replacements normally offer the OEM adhesive strips for purchase.

Hope all works out for you!

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