Unable to charge battery even after changing battery and connector

When I plug my Pocophone F1 to a power source, through a USB-C cable, battery doesn’t get charged (not from computer, nor from power line).

When plugged to a computer, the phone isn’t detected at all.

Let’s clear obvious stuff right away: I know the issue isn’t the USB-C cable as I could charge another Pocophone F1 with the same cable.

Now, I first suspected a battery problem, so I replaced it with a brand new one… to no avail.

I then suspected a problem with the charging-board. It seems that there are 2 versions of it:

  • without integrated circuits (IC), which can be easily found online
  • with integrated circuits, which seems very hard to find online

My Pocophone F1 originally had version with IC. Unfortunately, that version has been out of stock for several months in the very few online shops that even sell it to begin with, and they have no visibility on restocking (I asked).

So I resigned myself to order the version without IC, swapped it in… and the issue is still here, like exactly as before both replacements I made.

I am quite stumped now: is there yet another component that could cause this problem and that I haven’t considered ? Or is the version of the charging-board the reason why it still doesn't work (in which case, where could I find version with IC) ?

Thank you for your insights.

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