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An upgrade of the Nintendo Game Boy Advance, the Advance SP was released, in North America, on March 23 2004 with a square structure and clam-shell design.

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Black screen / delay on startup with the FunnyPlaying IPS kit (random)

So I’m having a rather unique issue with my GBA SP. I installed the FunnyPlaying IPS V2 kit in a custom shell, and even after taking it all apart twice my problem persists.

Upon startup, I get a black screen. The sound works, the game works, but the screen will be black - sometimes it comes on after just a second, sometimes it will take 30+ seconds for the screen to kick on. Other times, there is no delay and it will start right up! Everything else works fine, and once the screen is on, my game works and plays great.

I have checked all connections multiple times, the ribbon cable is definitely seated properly. The only things I can imagine left would be my soldering on the brightness control wire or perhaps the foam insert? This is happening completely randomly, no variables are changing in between startups yet it is completely inconsistent. If anybody has any wisdom for me it would be highly appreciated!

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I had this issue as well. I also saw this kind of thing happen on my gameboy color when I upgraded to the Q5 OSD IPS kit. after doing some research and looking around online, I started to suspect that this was due to insufficient power delivery to the upgraded IPS screen. additional evidence towards this is that I would have this issue much more frequently after I had installed the Cleanamp v1.2 into my Gameboy SP and set the volume and screen brightness up to max before turning the console on.

After looking around more, I found and installed this component to my gameboy SP

and this component to my gameboy color

these seemed to have solved the issue for each of my consoles and as a nice bonus also cleaned up the humming and hissing noises that their speakers made after the Amp and/or IPS upgrades.

ive seen other posts explaining this too. basically, this 15-20+ year old hardware isn't designed to power these awesome new future-tech upgrade kits we put in, therefore their internal power supplies are not sufficient to hold up the way they they do with the OEM components. these kits that I've linked are supposed to beef up the power supplies and audio filtering of these old consoles to prevent this kind of thing from happening.

I just installed both of those and so far I haven't had any sort of screen issues since. they were very easy to install and there are videos on their installation. I will post updates after a few weeks of play testing.

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Just in case it isn't clear from the installation video: there are FIVE solder points on Helder's awesome Game Boy Advance SP Power Cleaner Flex PCB, not three.


Although I should add that installing the Flex PCB does not seem to have actually solved the Black screen / delay issue on my funnyplaying IPS-modded GBA SP. I wonder if the short ribbon connector isn't getting jimmied around in the socket when the unit flips open?


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The Flex PCB does seem to have reduced the frequency and severity of the black screen / delay issue.

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