Why does my Bose SoundLink Mini won't play music beyond 3 seconds?

MY Bose Soundlink Mini 1 works very well, and sounds really great. But it doesnt last than 3 seconds. After I play a song, in 3 seconds I hear a noise and then the sounds gone. But, the sound comes out when I type in my keyboard. If you have any idea, please, tell me. Thanks!

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Hi @zimber ,

How is the speaker connected to the computer, via a cable connected to the speaker's aux input or via BT?

If via BT, try connecting via an appropriate stereo audio cable with a 3.5mm jack plug from the computer's audio out to the speaker's aux in and check if the problem still happens or not.

If you don't have an appropriate cable try connecting via BT from another device e.g. a mobile phone and check if the problem still occurs to prove it into the computer or the speaker.


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