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Informations sur la réparation et le démontage du smartphone Android phare S20+ de Samsung, sorti en mars 2020.

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Wont charge even after replacement parts


this is for the s20 series along with the note 10 series (same issue ).

I have had multiple s20s and note 10s come in for not charging. wether they dont charge at all, or will still charge but show the yellow triangle, or just dont show any current at all.

I have replaced the charge port board, 2 flex cables along with the wireless charging /nfc part along with the battery and nfc pcb connectors. I have tried multiple parts from multiple suppliers multiple times with the same results, still wont charge. About 10% of these 2 models that come in one of those 4 parts fixes the issue and all is well. the other 90% are failed. I know there is the ic chip under the metal cover up and to the right of the battery connector however haven’t dug into that yet.

anybody else run into this?

thanks in advance!

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Simple solution, there is a bracket at the top of wireless coil connector. Just add some thin plastic at the connector and then screw the bracket on it. If you give that connector a better pressure against the board it will sure charge flawlessly.

You can try it, open a Note10, unscrew the bracket on top of wireless connector, and give it a push, your phone should immediatelly start charging without any problems. Thank me later.

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sorry I didnt mention it in the description but that was also part of my troubleshooting and more pressure has only fixed 3 at the most. there is a deeper problem than push on the connector.


Well, the problem is not the charging board, that's for sure.

The problem can be only wireless charger connector.

Put it under microscope or use some type of magnifier. Grab a pointy object such as tweezers and give a gentle push to every connector pin ( soldered pins on board) and notice if they move.

I noticed this phones tend to overheat in that connector area, one of them even melted the plastic I put above connector and I had to put something more heat resistant.

So maybe, just maybe, that heat is enough to float the connector solder.


I know it's not on the charging board, its on the motherboard. thats also a part of the diagnosis, reflowing all pins for all the daughterboard/charging connections. its a trace in the board or a chip on the board somewhere. swapping out parts very rarely repairs this issue. this is similar to iphones x and newer with the layered board. a lot of them get into a boot loop bc the stacked boards come desoldered at some points and reflowing the top board back down fixes that generally. i tried that with all of the problem child ones i have and nothing still.


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