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Released June 2017, identified by model number: SM-J530F

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Phone fell, no cracks, but half the screen is black.

My galaxy J5 fell from the table and now a little more than half the screen is black. There are no cracks though, and my phone is still working. I can pull the notification bar down a little, for example, and I get WhatsApp notifications. Do I have to change the screen? Or perhaps it's a connection problem? I'm really desperate, so any help would be really appreciated.

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Hi Maria,

With the information you have provided, it seems that the screen needs to be replaced. The fact that half the screen is black tells us that the internal LCD is damaged and needs replacing. It could also have become dislodged from its connector inside, but I believe that to be much more unlikely.

The good news is that although the LCD is damaged, it’s very possible that the touch screen is not, and you can replace just the LCD, saving some money in the process.

You can find the repair guides for your phone here.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you! I ended up changing the touch screen together with the LCD though. Wish I saw your message earlier. Oh well, at least my phone works now :)


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