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Toshiba netbook with a 10.1" WSVGA screen and 1.66 GHz Intel Atom N455 processor.

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Where is the BIOS battery on the Motherboard?

Does anybody know how to get the BIOS/ BiOS buffer battery running again?

My Netbook is charging, and when switched on, the front-edge On/Off indication lights static (as usual), but the screen stays dark.

The USB-Stick for installing e.g. Windows or Linux doesn’t ligth up eighter and takes no effect. To me thisall seems like the BIOS Accu is down, but honestly, i couldn’t identify it on the Motherboard.

Or does the error hide somewhere else maybe?

Hoping for your advice and thanks in advance.

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It is not the BIOS battery causing that. The BIOS battery is simply power for when the system is off. It retains the BIOS settings and keeps the date and time. If the battery was bad, your time and date would be wrong every time it is turned on. Can you see any light at all coming from the screen? I.E. you can tell the difference between a dark screen on a system that is off, opposed to one that is actually on but at the same time dark. Also, with the USB device thing, I would assume that you never went into the BIOS and set it to boot from a USB device, so it wouldn’t light up until you were actually booted into the operating system. And just a side note, the BIOS battery is usually one of the larger button style batteries, such as a 2024 or 2032 and is easily identifiable.

TRY THIS: Hook up an external monitor to it and see if that works…after you do that, we will go from there…

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