Phone instantly turns off when I press the lower middle of the screen

I recently broke my iPhone to the point where part of the screen was sticking out of the frame and was unusable. I bought a iPhone xs screen replacement kit from ifixit and was able to fix everything. The only problem is that when fitting my screen back onto the frame if I press the lower middle edge(near the bottom right metal bracket on the inside of the phone) on the right side of the phone , the phone instantly dies and refuses to boot back on. The only way I can turn it back on is if I plug in my charger and ease pressure or lift the display back off the frame. If I don’t plug in my phone it will refuse to boot back up, even if I lift the display back off the frame. However, when it’s turned on and out of the frame, I can shutdown and restart the phone like normal. I tried refitting the screen multiple times, even if I start from the right as soon as everything is flush with the frame and I press the right side it dies.

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