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Gap between moulding and ceiling in bathroom

There seems to be a rather large gap- about 1/8 inch between moulding and ceiling above the shower. I crammed mesh in there, put joint compound, primed and painted and it looked alright- after a few months it feels spongy and is coming apart. How would you fix?

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You put drywall joint compound that is not meant for high humidity environments.

Solution, remove all that stuff because it just holds moisture… let the area dry (i.e. - do not shower in that washroom for a day). Then use one of two things:

  1. Latex infused silicone caulking like DAP Alex Plus (this is paintable and water RESISTANT)
  2. 100% Silicone from any manufacturer (this is usually not paintable but there are some out there now that seem to allow it. These tend to be waterproof)

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I only recommended DAP because of my experience with them but use whatever brand you like and are comfortable with. TEST it on a piece of wood or drywall so you know the consistency and feel. You *WILL* need to trowel/smooth it over with a finger to push the caulking into the surfaces to bond and make a seal. The trick is to WET YOUR FINGER prior to doing the swipe.

Block Image

Some people put painters tape along the surfaces (as in the above picture) so do that if you aren’t confident of your caulking skills.

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Thank you for the response. Infortunately, i miscalculated and the gap is more like 1/2 inch its large. Would you still use caulk?


@flipper32 a half inch is a large gap that's quite visible. It means your moulding is sagging which would imply that you need to secure that section back to the wall to bring down the gap.

You can STILL caulk the gap but it won't fix the root cause which is your moulding sagging. Remember the wider the gap, the more noticeable the patch work will be. Also, you have to put the caulking in stages to "fill" the gap.


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