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Repair information and troubleshooting for the 50, 55, or 60 inch UHD Samsung TVs with model number JU6800, released in 2016.

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Top half of screen is dark

Top half of the screen keeps going dark, and have little bright shadow on the screen

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Hi Mark, I have a Samsung UE50JU6800 that has just developed the same issue.

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Whilst i dont have a definitive answer yet, i found a video from Shivamm Rane on youtube ( a search on Youtube will find it, unsure of iFixits rules on links ) that details replacing either the entire LED light strips or individual LEDs on Samsung TV’s that cause this issue. It will be a few weeks before i attempt my repair but hope this helps you on your way.

The replacement LED strips seems quite readily available on Ebay.

If i am successful in my repair will post a guide.

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Was the repair successful?


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