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Teardown and repair guides for the first android phone from Microsoft. Released on September 10th of 2020 featuring two 5.6-inch AMOLED screens.

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Where can I buy replacement glass for the Surface Duo?

Where can I buy replacement glass for the Surface Duo? Cracked the top left corner of the front screen (right side)

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Did you ever fix your phone


Did you get the screen?


Can someone help me find a screen for the surface duo


I need front replacement glass for surface duo (the logo side) can anyone help +923219400024


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So the issue is that their aren't any 'Official parts' that are out on the market right now. However, your best bet would be to see if you can either get the screen itself or a separate Duo to transplant parts from.

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bro just said to buy a separate surface duo 💀


Hello @lucasdufresne, buying broken electronics, for parts is good practice and is a great way to get many official parts for significantly cheaper and keeps many good electronic components from becoming eWaste. Hopefully, this clears up any confusion.


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