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La Huawei Watch GT 2 est la seconde version de la gamme des montres connectées Huawei Watch GT. Elle est annoncée en septembre 2019 et commercialisée en octobre 2019.

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How to replacement battery

how many steps and it is hard?

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Apologies as that was the guide for the incorrect device, and it appears as the other commenter said, the battery in this watch is much harder and much much more complicated to replace. I can’t even seem to find any videos online after a long 10 minutes of searching.

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GT2 same watch 2?! Evry one has different Design?!


No, they are not the same watch. The battery in the GT2 is soldered on.


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sadeq lasher  This video will at least get you to the battery. From there you should be able to desolder it and replace it.

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