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Le smartphone haut de gamme Apple de l'année 2020. Annoncé le 13 octobre et commercialisé le 13 novembre, l'iPhone 12 Pro Max inclut un écran OLED 6,7", une triple caméra arrière avec LiDAR et la connectivité 5G. Successeur de l'iPhone 11 Pro Max.

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How to remove round camera lens protector

hello, 1st timer here in forum. i recently bought a new iphone 12 pro max. and I though i should install a camera lens protector. they only have the round ones. after letting them installed it for me, when i went home i noticed the ghost round thing on the phone when i use the camera.

I just turned on this new phone when i got home for the first time so i have no idea if its the iphone camera or the lens protector. heres what it looks like…

Block Image

i took a foto of my wall btw.

that’s the ghost thing. sorry for the bad quality of the uploaded foto.

I need help how to remove it. I can’t decide either doing it myself or bringing it to the store for help taking it off.

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You could use pretty much anything to take it off actually. Those lenses can’t be scraped by something steel so I would just use a pocket knife and just kinda stab into it at an angle and lift up. That should pull the entire “protector” without scraping the camera.

Apple has been making camera lenses pretty durable for a while now. You should be all good to grab a knife and peel it off, but you can also feel free to just try to pick at it with a plastic guitar pick or something similar.

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@osex can i use a duct tape to pull it off? I read one they say bring it to the seller and let them remove it.

Is finger nail advisable?

I don’t have a guitar pick, i have some cards, will it do?

But I will try to take it off.


@osex it work. i manage to removed it. thank you for the advise...though i probably scratch the side but i don't know. and i use a laminated card. Thank you.


@anxiuoskat I'm glad the solution worked. Any scratches on the glass by the lense or the lense should actually be from the card you used and not an actual scratch on the glass. The glass is much harder than steel so it would actually dull a razer instead of the other way around.


@osex Thank you very much. I'm still OCD on the camera lens, so far didn't see a scratch. i had to be careful since the laminated ID is a little soft and thin enough to slip under the protector. All the tips I saw online they used a pocket knife or sharper metal screw driver which I don't want to use it. Thanks again...Now I have to get over this OC/anxiety over my phone.


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It seemed risky but I was able to successfully remove mine with a needle.. I just poked in right in the middle of the protector and lens just enough to lift it up not so deep. And it just popped off. Hope this helped

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Tweezers! Warmed lenses slightly with hair dryer and the screwed them off.


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I was scared of scratching my lens and the thought of using floss and worked perfectly. I just slid the floss on the side of the protector and it popped right off. I would recommend if you’re scared of scratching your lens. :))

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