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The Sony XBR-65X850D is a 65-inch LCD Ultra HD TV with an LED backlight and 2160p resolution. Released in 2016. Model number: XBR-65X850D.

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[RESOLVED] Sony 75" LED TV sometimes flashing patterns and colors

The TV after a few years of working fine, has developed a problem.

It sometimes (but only sometimes) flashes patterns, lines/colors on the screen. The pattern and nature of the problem does not look exactly like any of the other examples I have seen online which is why I am making a new post.

The details are the following: The TV usually works 100% normally when I turn it on. Only after a few minutes of watching TV, does it start flashing patterns/lines on the screen, and it does not stop until I turn off the TV. This process has repeated for a couple of weeks now. The sound always works so it is just the video. I have tried leaving it unplugged for a day, factory reset, etc. Sometimes I can watch TV normally for only 60 seconds before it breaks again, other times it lasts more like 10-15 minutes after turning it on, but it always happens.

I am attaching a video example of the issue so anyone may be able to help diagnose. From what I have read online it might be T-con board (cheap on ebay), maybe the LVDS cable, possibly the whole panel (not worth fixing), or the main board.

I found this link with the parts available for my TV, and I found the t-con board, but I am not sure which is the correct LVDS cable since they show 4 cables available:

The TV model is actually XBR-75X940D (this site would not let me input that as the model)

Does anyone have an opinion on which part it might be or which steps I should take to try to resolve?

Thank you

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Hi everyone, OP here, I replaced:

  1. T-con board
  2. Main board
  3. Two LVDS cables from Tcon board to Main board

And the TV now works! No idea which part was broken, but it was one of the above. Hope this helps someone.

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I also replaced any thermal pads that I encountered on these two boards, in addition to thermal pads that were sitting underneath these boards. Lastly I made sure that all of the vent holes were fully cleared of any dust with a compressed air can. I think something was overheating. Total cost was around $250 sourcing parts from eBay.


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