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Bose's first wireless noise-canceling headphones, praised for their industry-leading noise cancelation technology and comfort. Released in June of 2016.

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One of the earpads can rotate a full 360 degrees where it used to stop

As stated in the title, one of the earpads on my Bose QC 35 II headphones can rotate a full 360 degrees of motion. It does not make any clicking sound in doing so and rotates smoothly without any extra force applied. The other one has limited rotational ability. Is there some way that I can fix this myself?

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only real way since i cant find any kind of schematics for this thing is to tear it down your self. carefully and look to see if there are any pins or things that are on the right side that the left side or vice versa has.

is so youll have come come up with a way to replace it. (manufacture a new pin or something)

best bet is to check ebay and see if theres a person that either has a dead unit for CHEAP or someone that sells the headband plastic arch piece

the only other alternative is to send it to bose so they can replace the entire headband.

good luck!

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Definitely sounds like a solid procedure. Thank you!


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