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Version plus petite de l'iPad Pro original. Sortie le 31 mars 2016. Dispose d'un écran de 9,7", d'un processeur A9X et d'options de stockage de 32, 128 ou 256 Go. Disponible en argent, gris sidéral, or et or rose.

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Why is my battery not charging?

Just installed a new battery I purchased from iFixit, when first installed it showed 100% charge, the included instructions says to leave it running until it gets below 10% then charge again to 100% without interruption so it can calibrate so I proceeded to use the iPad, I left it running on YouTube while I was doing other things and it seemed fine, battery was draining at a slow pace. After a few hours it still showed above 90% battery so I played a game for a couple of minutes, then checked my email and went in to play another game (was installing updates for apps in the background) so everything looked fine, after I started the second game the iPad froze after a few seconds of play and shut off, turned it back on and after what seemed like a very long boot time it it started, by now the battery was showing around 70% tried running some apps and same thing after a few seconds it shuts down and I turned it back on, after a few times I decided to try and charge it, I used the original charger and do get the little lighting bolt on the battery to show its charging but the % was going down not up, after a few hours it showed around 45%, left it charging overnight and in the morning it was at 5%, turned it off and after about 2 hours I plugged it in and turned on to 3%, opened up my mail and after a few minutes the bar started going up now its at 6%, gonna leave it plugged in to see if it charges all the way, just wondering if anyone had similar behavior and if it’s “normal” for a new battery?

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Just an update, battery behavior deteriorated further, I could use it for about 2 day while plugged in and the strange thing is that while I used the iPad the battery seem to charge but never got past about 7%, if I left it unattended but still plugged in the charge went down to around 3% then it shut down and showed the empty batter image on screen when I tried turning it on, I unplugged it and let it “rest” for a few hours, plug it in again and same thing, did this a couple of times before it just started rebooting seconds after turning it on even if I didn’t touch it, at this point its unusable, pulled out the battery and tested it with a multimeter shows around 3.2V only. My assigned Obstacle Wrangler Matt already sent a replacement, will probably do more testing this weekend with the new battery, hope it works this time the device is 5 years old but don’t want to put it out to pasture just yet :O)

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