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Repair guides and support for the first generation Chevy S-10 (4WD model T-10) Blazer, a mid-size SUV based on the S-10 pickup truck. Closely related to the GMC Jimmy.

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How do I change my fuel filter?

Having trouble and need instructions on replacing my fuel filter for my 94 chevy s10 blazer with a vortex motor

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Relieve fuel pressure. Everything I've found says make sure vehicle is off and key out, and loosen gas cap.. Fuel filter will be located on the driver's side frame rail. Theres a strap holding it, with a bolt on top and on bottom. Take those out and set aside. You'll need two wrenches for the next part. One for the fuel line connector and one for where the connector screws into. The fuel line side is the one that spins, you're just holding the filter. Undo each side, I'd recommend having some rags handy for the fuel. Take it off. Put new one in by doing everything above in reverse. Make sure you put it in correctly. Input (in) should be facing the rear of the vehicle. Out should be towards engine.

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