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Is this surging noise normal?

My refrigerator ( makes a surging noise ( that I think is either the compressor or a fan. The noise is present only when the doors are closed — if I open either of them it stops. If I open the freezer drawer, the noise can still be heard. Shortly after I close the door, the noise goes into even higher pitch and stays there for relatively longer — I suspect this is related to either circulating air within the fridge cabinet, or evacuating the air (not sure if this model does that).

The noise is fairly audible across the room and into my living room — I’m no good at estimating volume levels, but I’d say it’s somewhere between a whisper & a regular indoor conversation in volume.

The noise is not always present —it will go several hours making the noise as heard in the recording, then be quiet for a few hours, then back.

Does this indicate something is wrong with my fridge? Should I schedule a repair call with GE?

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The noise stopped when I removed the ice making tray. Defrost and then reinsert - problem solved


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If you're unexperienced with refrigeration repairs, I would recommend scheduling a repair. Your fan should not sound like that. Is the noise louder inside the box? Or outside? If inside, could be you evap fan. If outside (like lower rear area) could be compressor, or (if equipped) condenser fan motor. Either way that is louder than I would expect to hear. Bearings, Possibly? And in those small motors the bearings are not replaceable.

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After checking that unit it should be much quieter. Definitely schedule repair. Is probably something simple, but if it isn't fixed it can lead to bigger problems.


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