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La Nintendo DSi est la troisième version de la Nintendo DS. Elle a d'abord été lancée au Japon le 1er novembre 2008 puis dans le monde entier en avril 2009.

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Why is the right side of my top screen white?

I just bought this DSi on ebay a couple weeks ago, and it's been doing good. I keep it in my pocket most times when not in use. I went to a newphews birthday party and did a jump rope game with them. No rowdyness besides that, it wasn't droped or stepped on or bashed into anything. Just did a lot of jumping. What could have made this happen and what do I need to do to fix it? I am willing to try anything with a step-by-step video or instructions. Is it fixable without buying anything new?

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Judging by how there is rainbow lines where the part of the screen works, and where the screen isn’t working, leads me to believe the display has been broken.

Nintendo uses the screen connectors that slide in, not clip on to their connections, so it’s not likely a connection issue.

looks like you will need to buy a new top display.

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