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The Lenovo 100e Chromebook 2nd Gen is a light and easy access laptop. Released November 2019, model number 81QB000AUS

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How to reset managed chromebook to normal settings

I recently bought a chromebook of this brand off Craigslist, and it had a dead battery. I put in a new one, and see that it is managed. I tried another solution, and it didn't work. So, any suggestions on how to reset?

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You can't reset a Chromebook without the login information needed to access it. You may, however, try to perform a clean installation of the Chrome OS.

To perform a clean install, first create a bootable USB with the Chromebook Recovery Utility found at

Then, use the bootable USB to wipe the Chromebook clean and reinstall Chrome OS. Put your Chromebook into Recovery Mode by pressing and holding Esc + Refresh, then press the Power button. A prompt will appear that will ask you to insert the bootable USB drive. Insert the drive and follow the prompts to reinstall Chrome OS.

You may then be able to configure the device with your own username and password.

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If you have factory reset the chrome book and it asks you to re-enroll the device, your only option is to contact the seller unfortunately.

Most companies will have the option set that they have tk be re-enrolled to their domain, you know incase someone steals it and sells it on Craigslist ?

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