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The first generation of the Chevrolet Equinox, a crossover SUV from Chevrolet based on General Motors' Theta platform.

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What is the name of this part and/or what’s it responsible for?

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I have no clue if that’s actually gonna show up as an image and not just text but it’s directly to the left of the regulator and there’s a hose coming from it that goes to the engine. It cracked in half and had been making a rattling noise so my mom taped it up with electrical tape until we could figure out what it even is.

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Am I seeing correctly? Is that attached to refrigerant lines for the AC system?


What is that hooking up to? And what year is that vehicle and what motor? It LOOKS like a vapor canister purge valve. It takes fumes from the tank and allows them into the engine to be burned off. Part of emissions control system. Has check.engine light come on?


So it’s a 2008 and it’s an LT and the engine says 3400. I don’t know much else unfortunately


There’s a hose going from it to the engine


The AC is working perfectly though


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If it has a pipe going in and a pipe coming out AND has electrical connectors as well, then it is a canister purge solenoid or as @brandon_k called a purge valve. It normally has a mounting bracket with a rubber gasket to stop it from moving around and make clicking noise when you're driving around.

It is responsible for storing vapour that occur when the fuel is exposed to air. It allows the gas to expand and escape to this unit until the engine starts up and this vapour can be burnt via the normal combustion.

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