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Repair guides and support for your Philips TV.

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Having power problems Philips T.V. (Model no 42PFL5603D)

When I turn on my Philips T.V (Model no 42PFL5603D/ 10), the power light comes on. No picture. After 2-5 seconds it seems to switch it self off. Has anyone got an idea of what to do, or how to fix it. Would be much appreciated

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bad capacitors are a good suspect. Sometimes the power LED will flash a code indicating where the problem is. But if it is a power problem it may not. Most of the time bad caps can be identified visually by observing if the top is bulging. It must be flat or slightly concave. If they are far gone they may even be leaking.

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It's most likely bad capacitors inside on the power supply board. Radio Shack sells a recap kit just for your problem. If you know how you can change these capacitors your self.

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