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Clicky Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - Fully Programmable and 5 Macro Keys. First released in 2010.

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How do I fix water damage making the left arrow key always "engaged"?

So last night my girlfriend spilt a cup of tea (not a whole cup but a little bit left in the mug) onto my keyboard. The headset was also plugged into the keyboard usb port at the time. I took the keys off and dried the keyboard where I could see the tea. Of course it was all unplugged whilst i was working on it. I then reassembled the keyboard and plugged it in to see the extent of the damage and all seemed to be working correctly. Then i noticed due to my RGB setup that the left arrow key was always flashing as if it was being spam pressed. I went on a youtube video to test it and the video was rewinding constantly as if the left arrow was being pressed. How do i fix this? ive seen threads of keys not working but not one on a key always working when its not meant to. I would also like to add that now my headset is not being recognized by any usb ports. Could that be a direct effect of it being plugged into the keyboard when tea was spilled on it?

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so if i were you i would stop using the keyboard until repaired.

you still have a good chance of saving the board. the more electricity you run through it

the more corrosion and damage is done.

youll need to open the keyboard up. check out this guide

once you get it open youll need some alcohol and qtips to clean out the corrosion.

also youll want to look around the board for any burnt components, check this out


HOPEFULLY! nothing has blown on the board and its just kind grounding a thing or 2 out and

when you clean it out a bit itll clear stuff out. if there are blown components youll have to make

a choice on what you wanna do.

one of 3 things.

1. fix it your self (will require soldering, soldering equipment, components and stuff like that)

2. send it in to be fixed by a repair shop. usually you can send in a board and theyll just do the solder work for you

3. take the hit and buy a new one and sell the old on ebay for parts ( might be able to make some money back from it)

i hope this helps!

good luck

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If spills are covered by your warranty I’d go that route. Otherwise, I would try popping the key out with a thin flat metal object and clean the connection point with some alcohol to disengage the key and hopefully also restore proper function. If that doesn’t work you may need to map your left arrow to a different key, or if you have a number pad, 4 is left arrow if you turn Num Lock off. And yes your USB port(s) are probably shorted out and toast, which gets worse if you had an appliance plugged in and it was drawing power. Your headphones might be okay if they are “passive” ones with no sensitive power hungry tech, just clean the plug. If they are high end “active” ones, they may be toast. I’d be worried about the USB ports. Try plugging other things into them to see if they work. If at least one works, you can at least plug in a USB hub. If not, you have to replace them…

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