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The Sony Vaio SVT151A11L is a laptop made by Sony in 2013 and shipping with a 1.3 MP camera, CD/DVD Player/Burner, touchscreen capabilities, and a 4 hour battery life.

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replaced my SONY VAIO SVT151A11L 's battery and it did not power on

Good moning community, just replaced my SONY VAIO SVT151A11L 's battery and it seems to be starting to charge and it reached up to 21%, then it kept in this % forever. I shut it down and pressed the power button and it did not power on. Kept the power on button for a minute and so on & it did not work either, I removed the new battery and put it back and it did not power on. The battery blinking light indicator of the laptop appears functional as if the new battery were charging when connected with the AC adapter and still it did not work when I pressed the power on the button once again, Finally I put the old faulty battery back and my laptop works with the AC adapter connected permanently. Any suggestion on a fix. I doubt the battery spare is faulty :(


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The Chinese batteries can be a bit suspect.


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It's likely a hardware fault.

If the battery was offbrand that might be your issue. Many laptop manufacturers limit their hardware to only work with certain batteries.

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